Our goal is to introduce Consciousness-Based Education in Zimbabwe. Our experience is that Transcendental Meditation (TM) serves the real purpose of education: the full development of the child

700 schools are already using TM, and more and more governments are supporting it.  What about our Government?

On this page you can discover:
– References regarding the success of TM in education
– An overview of the 32 scientific research studies about TM in education
– Why TM is the secret of the most successful school in the world
– Some videos of news reports
– A call to action for the Belgian schools

Some references regarding the success of TM in education

– The New York Times, which placed “TM in schools” at the top of their list of best ideas of 2005  (see NY Times article, Accredited Bliss). This is just one of dozens of very positive media reports on the effect of TM in schools.
– The Brazilian government, which decided to introduce TM in all 38.000 public schools in the country, for more than 30 million students.
– The responsible of 20,000 employees in the San Francisco education system, who makes a passionate plea to introduce TM in all schools in the USA, after a number of very successful TM experiments in his own town (for more info and the video of his speech, see TM in San Francisco). Click here for more information