Transcendental Meditation is taught according to ancient methods that naturally allow the mind to experience the most fulfilling state in its own true nature. There is no need for a long period of practice because the process is natural and intuitive. This means that anyone can learn TM, regardless of cultural, religious or educational background, and the results are usually noticed immediately. (See what we mean by “immediate results.”) Twenty minutes twice a day is enough to produce the desired effects.

Personal guidance is necessary.

Every person is unique, and therefore the experience of meditation is different for every individual. This is why the personal guidance of a trained Transcendental Meditation teacher is necessary. When meditation is taught in a correct, personalised way, the process develops naturally and effortlessly, and only then can the greatest effects be obtained.

Once you have learned this perfectly natural technique, you can practice it on your own, but whenever any additional guidance is needed, it is available free of charge from any TM centre in the world. The need for further guidance differs from person to person, but the important point is that the guidance is always available.

TM Course Phase 1: Learning the technique

Learning Transcendental Meditation happens in 7 steps, spread over 4-5 sessions of about 1 1/2 hours over 4-5 consecutive days.

1. Introduction talks – This is an overview of the long-term effects of TM practice. All the information you need to decide whether you want to learn the TM technique, including the question and answer session. (Free/without obligation 1 1/2 hours).

2. Preparatory lecture: More details about the exact mechanics of the Transcendental Meditation technique in preparation for learning (30 min). Usually, the preparatory lecture is given in the same session with the introduction seminar.

3. Personal interview: Individual meeting with your TM teacher and the opportunity to discuss private questions (5-10 min).

4. Personal instruction: The actual instruction in the Transcendental Meditation technique. (1 1/2 hours)

5-7. Three follow-up sessions: Verification of the correct practice of the TM technique and acquiring more knowledge, based on the growing experiences of meditation (1 1/2 hours per session, on 3 consecutive days after personal instruction)

TM Course Phase 2: Follow-up


The follow-up is optional but recommended. The life-long follow-up, whenever necessary, is included in the course fee.

Transcendental Meditation is a do-it-yourself technique, and therefore the follow-up is entirely up to you without obligation. However, the general experience is that the results are better if you are regularly making use of the follow-up program. (see the importance of regular follow-up)

First 6 months: A bi-weekly to monthly follow-up is recommended to verify the correctness of the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique and to gain more knowledge about its effects.

Weekend residence course: We dive deep into the practice of meditation, and will meditate far more than we normally do at home, together with other TM participants and under the strict guidance of a trained teacher. This gives deeper knowledge, deeper experience, and the greater appreciation of the TM technique.

The lifelong right to follow-up: TM students can, for the rest of their lives, attend the monthly group meetings or ask any TM teacher in the world to verify the correctness of the practice. This service is free of charge in any one of our TM centres around the world.


TM Course tuition

The personal guidance and follow-up that is required for the correct practice of the TM technique have a certain cost, and as long as our health insurance funds are not reimbursing the TM course tuition, this cost has to be paid by TM course participants.

Transcendental Meditation is a highly personalised course and the course tuition will also depend on your personal circumstances as different scholarships are available. For more details discuss your personal situation with your teacher at your introductory briefing.

Opportunities to reduce costs


It is up to the government to make this accessible to everyone, just as they do with all other health care.

The experience of transcending is a completely natural experience and it is everyone’s birthright to have this experience. The Transcendental Meditation teachers have therefore been working for 40 years to make Transcendental Meditation accessible for as many people as possible, often by volunteering their time and teaching the technique far below their own costs. But financial obligations require that we charge a tuition to ensure the TM technique can be taught correctly with a thorough follow-up so that the correct practice can be ensured.

It should be the responsibility of the government and the health insurance funds to make this technique accessible to everyone. In many countries, this is already the case. You can help us with this. (See how my health insurance can reimburse TM.) Until then, there are some things we can do ourselves to make the TM course accessible for everyone.

1. Scholarship for lower incomes and for the unemployed.
Anyone who has financial difficulties may apply for a scholarship so that it becomes possible for everyone to follow a TM course.

2. Ask an invoice (stress-management course) 

If you have your own company, be sure to ask for an invoice for your TM course. If you are employed then why not ask your employer if he will pay for the TM course tuition? After all, he can declare the invoice as an expense, which makes his effective cost far lower. Every progressive employer will be open to methods that can increase the productivity in the company; there is sufficient evidence that TM does exactly this. See TM paid by the employer.

3. Course Fees

Our National Course fee is US$150.00. However, because of the current economic situations in Zimbabwe, we are offering scholarships up to 75% based on income levels. Full-time students can pay as little as US$25.00

4. Payments in Instalments
Unfortunately, this option is not available in Zimbabwe. All course fees must be paid in full before one can learn the technique.

4. Special price for families
There are special family rates when you learn the Transcendental Meditation technique with the entire family. Please discuss this with your TM teacher.

Where can I follow the TM course?

To find the nearest Transcendental Meditation centre, and to contact your local Transcendental Meditation teacher for a free, no-obligation introduction seminar on the TM technique, go to Where can I learn Transcendental Meditation?